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Hey guys just joined this platform and excited to meet new people and show you guys my work! I draw anime, games, and furry and a lot of it is lewd.

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hello! I just joined

Posted by RoseFromSin - December 4th, 2018

Hello! I am Silveztra , I have never heard of this website but I am excited for a new space to look around and meet other people! nice to meet ya!


if anyone happens to want commissions, I am open for them :3 

the info is here https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/silveztra/


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Welcome. I created a new account to welcome the new members coming to newgrounds. A member actually since 2000. If any of your fans desire commissions, just to let you know that Private Messagging ahs been updated to allow 7,000+ characters and images. This way, if any older fans of yours from tumblr comes, they can help your chances of being scouted and FrontPaged (FP)

I am not sure how getting front paged works, or how private messaging can help that sorry but thanks for telling me! still figuring everything out!

@ExoProxcell-7 @Silveztra It is totally okay. Well Front Paged usually means that you are among few artists whom, for 2 to 3 days, artwork will show on the main webpage. Well for fans whom are not linked to furaffinity the private messaging will work, or for any questions they wish to ask you they do not desire to be shown public,. There is a lot to learn but it becomes easier throughout time. Also, being FrontPaged increases your chance of becoming scouted

ahhh ok! this makes more sense I see what you mean, who decides who gets frontpaged then if you dont mind me asking? thanks for your comments ^.^

@ExoProxcell-7 @Silveztra @Silveztra Oh well it totally depends on the view traffic, the ratings, and of course, how many people vote to get your artwork scouted. The mroe traffic, the higher chance. Especially if people vote for it to become FrontPaged. Once it becomes Frontpaged, even with Minor ratings, it increases more scouting and more open opportunities. Also, continuous uploading , activeness, is appreciated to increase chance. So far, many new artists are becoming scouted, so best of luck fellow newcomer. Oh P.S. , to really showcase yourself more socially out there, with projects or side projects, The Help Wanted section in the Community tab is a great place to start, especially if your fans desire projects

ohhh i didnt even know about the help wanted section ! thats really cool! thanks for telling me all this I really would not have known otherwise ! it seems like this place has such a good community thus far and its really refreshing after the tumblr incident

@ExoProxcell-7 @Silveztra @Silveztra Best of Luck Dearie